Swimming with Peter, the porpoise of Petersham Pool

Peter 16

“Last day,” says Peter when I join him in the water at the Fanny Durack Aquatic Centre, aka Petersham Pool.

Peter 27

“Are you going to miss it?” “Yes,” says Peter, who swims every morning and talks to everyone who comes to the pool. “Look at it, it’s beautiful,” he says, as he pushes under the water and swims like a porpoise along the bottom.

Peter 15

Then he rises above the water and does a stroke of butterfly.

Peter 26

He dives under again and moves like a dolphin in the sea.

Peter 17

Following the black and white check tiles down the middle of the lane.

Peter 12

Then he changes to freestyle and swims like he’s in a race.

Peter 21

“Sprinting,” I say when we pause at the end of a lap. “You’re sprinting.” “How do you spell that,” says Peter, who came to Australia on a boat from Vietnam in 1980 and thanks former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser for welcoming refugees and making it possible for him to start a new life. “I’m sprinting,” he says and his face opens up into his signature big grin.

Peter 13

And then it’s time to switch to backstroke and gaze up at the sky and watch the birds fly by.

Peter 24

When he finishes his kilometre he leans against the wall, reluctant to get out on this last day at Petersham Pool.

Peter 5

“I want to be a fish,” he says and launches back under the water for one more porpoise kick.

Peter 17

Eventually he returns to the surface and leaves the water in the pool.

Peter 19

“Until next season,” says Peter, who spends the winter months at the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre where he’ll continue chatting to other swimmers and diving under the water and being the porpoise of the pool.

Petersham Pool, 31 March 2015 001 - Copy

Farewell Fanny Durack Aquatic Centre. See you next season and thanks to lifeguard, Grant for all his great work caring for the pool.


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  • Congratulations Resey, I know how much hard work you’ve put into this!

    It was special to start your new blog with the end of the season … and at your favourite pool (with Peter the porpoise) – I’m now looking forward with great anticipation to the new season … and your future posts.

    What an exciting day!

    • Thanks Jen! Peter is a very happy, positive presence at the pool. I think I know a few people at the pool but nothing like Peter. He knows everyone and this morning he introduced me to about four new people, all with interesting stories!


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