Ivo Rowe rock pool, South Coogee, photo Therese Spruhan, 8 October 2017

A bubbly birthday soak in the Ivo Rowe Rock Pool

Last Sunday, when we arrived at South Coogee for my traditional birthday, salt water swim, the sea looked like it was pumping a big swell. As we walked towards the pathway above the coast, I expected to look down on a submerged Ivo Rowe Rock Pool...

Mahon Pool Maroubra, 22 July 2017, photo Therese Spruhan

Saturday’s super swell smothers Mahon Pool

Late Saturday afternoon, after watching my niece Rosie play a great game of netball at Heffron Park,  we headed down the road to Maroubra’s Mahon Pool to join the other wave watches witness the sea put on a spectacular show!


Ross Jones Memorial Pool Coogee, photo Therese Spruhan, May 2017

An early evening stroll by Coogee’s ocean pools

As we drove to Coogee in the second week of May, Bruce asked me was there anything in particular I wanted to do while we were there. “I want to see Ivo Rowe Pool. It’s the only Coogee ocean pool I haven’t been to.”Bruce sighed. “Of course, it had to...

McIver’s in the media

Just before Christmas a journalist from an online publication, Vice Australia, contacted me about a story she was doing on McIver’s Ladies Baths at Coogee. She wanted to speak to regulars about the ocean pool and get some comments on what sets...

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