Birthday swim at Coogee’s McIver’s Ladies’ Baths

Ladies Baths, Coogee, Leichhardt, our garden 115

As a birthday present to myself last week I went for a swim at McIver’s Ladies’ Baths.


I had visited the Coogee pool a few times before but this was the first time I was diving in.


Mid-week, McIver’s is a peaceful spot where breaststroke is the preferred style or a leisurely backstroke.


A few also don caps and goggles and lap close to the chains where the waves wash in.


Others channel Valerie Taylor in their snorkels and masks and gaze at the underwater treasures.


When I pushed off into the blue-green water I did a slow breaststroke to the northern end where I stood on a submerged rock and looked back to Coogee Beach.


I watched a surfer paddle by just outside the borders of the pool, and delighted in the white water gushing in and out and moving me about.


And then I brought my camera into the pool and snapped all the beauty that abounds above and below the water.


As I dried off after my swim, I talked to a woman who told me it was also her first time at this cocoon-like, women-only pool.

“I can’t believe I’ve lived in Sydney all these years and only discovered it now,” she said.

For more about McIver’s Baths read my earlier blog here.


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