The future of Petersham’s Fanny Durack Aquatic Centre


Petersham Pool closed yesterday for winter. We now wait to see what its future will be. Will it be redeveloped into a 25-metre, 8 lane pool?  Will it continue as it is or will it close forever?


Most of the locals who swim regularly at the patched-up, 49-year-old pool would like to see it remain as it is. They are not keen to have it reduced from 33-metres to 25, and hope that its leaks and cracks can be repaired rather than having to rebuild a totally new pool.  On the Marrickville Council website, Labor councillor, Petersham resident and swimmer, Laura Wright says a priority for her first term on Council was the repair and upgrade of Petersham Pool.



When I rang Marrickville Council I was advised that the future of the pool and the possible redevelopment  will be discussed at the 17 April council meeting.  Local sources tell me that as a new council will be elected in September, the current council are not likely to commit a future council to a major project. At the same time they said that the Green-dominated council are in favour of community swimming pools so they are not likely to vote to close down the pool.


So until then we will just have to sit back and wait and see. Stay tuned.


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