Enjoying a rural pool with a view


There is something special about a pool with a spectacular view. And that’s what we experienced at Christmas time at my sister and her family’s property at Borambola near Wagga Wagga in the NSW Riverina.

The family’s 12×4 metre pool sits in an elevated position overlooking paddocks and rolling hills. It has salt-chlorinated water and is decorated in deep green tiles with a striking black border. Keeping a watchful eye over the space and adding a stylish edge is Molly, a sun-worshipping, life-like sculpture wearing nothing more than sunglasses and hat.
Unlike suburban and town pools, which are surrounded by development, there’s nothing but the wide expanse of land beyond this pool. When I perched on the edge of the pool marking the boundary between the water and the land, I felt like I was on top of the earth. Gazing out over the dry landscape, semi-immersed in the watery world of the pool, the countryside seemed awe-inspiring and majestic.
Over our five days at Borambola, adults and kids alike had fun playing games, lolling about and swimming a few laps in this beautiful pool. Diving in was a great way to start the day and end it too. And at any time it was lovely to rest on a noodle and take in the view.


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