Anzac Day tranquility at Leichhardt Pool

On Anzac Day there was a soft Autumn light over Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre.

The late afternoon sun glistened and sparkled in the blue water of the 50-metre pool.

When I started taking photos, a lifeguard asked me what was so interesting in the pool.

“There’s all these beautiful reflections,” I said.

Oh,” he said, sounding unconvinced of the beauty I was finding in the 1960-era pool.

I left him staring at the water and made my way to the deep end where I discovered …


The lane numbers and starting blocks making patterns in the pool.

The faded colours of the high platform creating watercolours in the diving pool.

And reflecting in the 50-metre pool.


Finally I put my camera away and pushed off for a swim .



But as I swam up and down, more pictures kept appearing in the pool.
After 20 laps I brought my camera into the pool.
And caught a few final images before the Autumn glow was gone for the day.

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