Handstands and kookaburras welcome a new season at Petersham Pool

Handstands at Petersham Pool, Therese Spruhan, 3 October 2018

My first day back for the new season at Petersham Pool started with a mid-stroke wave from Hugh, followed by ‘How ya’ been,’ from hardworking lifeguard Grant, travel stories from Peter, a declaration from Michelle, ‘The water’s like silk’, and an exclamation from Cheryl, “Aren’t we lucky to have this beautiful place’. Kookaburras laughed and butcher birds sang, and after I’d finished my laps, I marked the pool’s reopening with a ‘back to when I was 10-year’s old’ celebratory handstand!


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  • Right, that’s it… I need a day of travelling around Sydney with my cossies. I meant to get over all last year and never did…. get a grip Smith.

    I did enjoy reading your article in the Australian travel section about the desert pools in the McD ranges, very appealing indeed, lovely pix too.

    • Thanks you Seana! The waterholes in the West MacDonnell Ranges are gorgeous to plunge into on a hot day and the scenery around them is spectacular! I should come over and have a swim with you at the Freshwater Pool – used to go there a bit as a kid because Harbord Beach as it was called back then in the late 60s and 70s was the closest beach to Northbridge where I grew up. Or you might have another ocean pool favourite on the northern beaches? Busy October but November would be good! All the best and happy swimming, Therese.


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