Scenes from the morning steam at Leichhardt Pool

Leichhardt Pool, 29 June 2018, photo Therese Spruhan

I was about to drive to my local indoor pool this morning but at the last minute I changed my mind. I wanted to swim outdoors and so I headed down the road to Leichhardt Pool where I had the most beautiful swim in the perfect water temperature among the steam!


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  • Only once can I recall swimming at an indoor pool at an aquatic centre, when, after driving for over an hour to get there, the outdoor pool was closed. All other 571 times (yes, I keep a diary) it was an outdoor pool, whatever the weather. Angelo Anestis at Bexley and Canterbury, protected from SW and NW winds respectively, are my winter favourites in Sydney. Outdoor pools just seem to have a freshness, as well as more free lanes, than their indoor counterparts.

    • Yes I always prefer an outdoor pool too Graeme. I haven’t tried the new Bexley Pool or ever been to Canterbury (although I’ve seen it from the train) so must pay a visit. Have you been to Leichhardt? It is has some lovely sheltered spots on a sunny winter’s day. Happy swimming, Therese

  • Outdoor pools win hands over fist, compared with indoor ones. Namely, in terms of the air quality. Never had any breathing problems with the outdoor ones. Mind you, in a perfect world it would be an ocean swim each time!


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