Australia Day swim at wonderful Wylie’s Baths

The tide was high and the swell was up when we arrived at Wylie’s Baths this morning.

It looked a bit like a washing machine and my niece Rosie and I weren’t sure about going in.

But the lifeguard said it’s okay, just don’t go too close to the north end as a big wave can wash you over the side.

So after watching the water for awhile we made our way down the stairs where people in red and yellow were keeping an eye on the pool.

It was Rosie’s first time at Wylie’s and while she’s a good swimmer she was a bit tentative about getting into the wild water.

“It’s the country girl in me,” said Rosie, who hails from Wagga Wagga and has spent more time in still water pools and the Murrumbidgee River than the sea.

So we waited for a big set to subside before we climbed down the ladder and pushed off.  Instantly we were under we both felt refreshed and glad to be in.

We battled our way towards the north end, trying to complete a lap and nearly crashed into a few bodies swimming like drunks in the swell. But nobody got cranky because that’s not the way at this lovely Coogee pool.

And the longer we stayed in, the tide and swell began to subside and by the time we got out Wylie’s was a different, calmer pool.

On the deck above we both felt better for our swim and agreed that a dip at Wylie’s was a perfect way for our Australia Day to begin.

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