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Boxing Day dip in the briney at the Woolwich tidal baths
Sunday morning at Wylie’s

Boxing Day dip in the briney at the Woolwich tidal baths

Woolwich Baths 7

With the tide almost reaching the two metre mark, yesterday Bruce and I and my sister and her kids went for a swim at Woolwich Baths. The simple baths on the Lane Cove River used to be known as ‘Mooney’s mud hole’ after the chap who lived behind the ticket booth and shop (no longer there) in a large canvas tent with wooden floor.

In the 1950s and 60s Mr Mooney looked after the pool and taught some of the locals to swim among the jelly blubbers and occasional blue swimmer crabs. For my sister and I,  products of Northbridge Baths, another Sydney harbour pool, swimming in the high tide, salt water was bliss, and Bruce, Will, Rosie and Mary thought it was pretty good too!

  • Woolwich Baths 7

Sunday morning at Wylie’s

A dip in the crystal clear water at Wylie’s Baths was a great way to cool off on a warm Sydney Sunday today. The lane ropes were up for the Coogee Diggers Swimming Club races but there was still room to do a few slow laps and spot a fish or two in the underwater[…]

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