Lovely lap pools at Blueys Beach

Exploring the streets of Blueys Beach near Forster on the NSW mid-north coast last week, we discovered a number of laps pools hiding by the side of very flash holiday houses.

For me, it was a bit like discovering a piece of treasure. One pool was perched on the edge of bushland, surrounded by soaring gum trees. No one was swimming on the rainy afternoon we walked by, but there were plenty of leaves and bark immersed in the waters of the sleek, rectangular space

As we walked down the hill towards Boomerang Beach, we caught a glimpse of another lap pool stretched along the side of a luxurious home.  The house seemed empty but as we gazed down on the pool, the water in the spa began to move.
It would have been nice to dive in and test the waters of the narrow space. But we weren’t invited. Instead we headed back to Blueys Beach for an invigorating dip in the surprisingly cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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